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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of January 17, 2017




Club President Nadine opened a fun-filled and busy meeting last week starting off with a special induction. Getting by with a little help from her friends (Frank and Margie), Jan Moss, wife of past club President Arnold Moss, was inducted unanimously as the club's newest honorary member. Welcome home Jan!

Frank passed around the signup sheet for our Apparel Booth at the Tour de Palm Springs on Feb 9th and 10th. He thanked all for volunteering…we have only a few spots to fill but sign up now! 
Milt Levinson announced that the Cahuilla Elementary School Early-Act Club is collecting spare change (and more) to reach a $750 goal to assist pediatric patients. If you want to assist the club with their goal you can bring bills and coins to the next meeting or you can drop it off at Judy's Barbershop on Tahquitz Canyon across from the Hilton. 

Nadine launched a new segment of our meeting designed to help us get to know our sojourners a little bit better. These quick interviews will help us learn more about these special and active members that help make the fabric of club even richer.
The first (probably because he is the shyest) sojourner to be interviewed by Nadine "Katie Couric" Koehler was none other than Roger Mickalco! Roger and his wife Judy have been coming to PS 18 years ago and have been great participants in our club activities.
Roger and Judy live in Sarnia, Ontario 2,500 miles northeast of sunny Palm Springs. Roger described his professional career starting as "chief cook and bottle washer" at a fast food restaurant in high school and moving up to work on an oil tanker for 28 days after college where seasickness was a constant companion and then migrating to full-time career in the "oil biz"spanning almost three decades.
Roger was lucky enough to snag an early retirement at age 55. He now spends his time winemaking (aka bootlegging), playing poker and golf (on different days) and taking care of Rotary business. Notable in the Rotary arena is that Roger, along with Brydon and Sue Ward chartered a new club! So now you know Roger! 

Incoming Prez Kathy Weyer introduced our speaker, Maureen Boren along with her fellow board member Yvonne Wishdell with the Coachella Valley History Museum.
This museum founded in 1984 is located at 42616 Miles Avenue in Indio. The museum focuses on history across the valley and in clouds a historic home, schoolhouse, blacksmith shop and memorial gardens in addition to a "desert submarine" have to visit to learn more. 
Topics covered by the museum include the railroad, early desert life, women founders and leaders, and agriculture. Each year 2,000 3rd graders come through the museum as 3rd grade is when local history is taught in our schools. 
Maureen invited everyone to attend the annual Heritage Festival scheduled for March 17. This fun and interactive event features tours, activities and lots of information about early life in the Coachella Valley. Visit their website at for more information.

Fine Master, Jamey Canfield speedily extracted cash from members Nancy Palmer, Bob Allan, Helene Kalfuss, Ryan Saunders, Bob Elsner Frank Peabody, Barbara Stanford, Margie Taft and even himself with a quiz about the history of the Corvette.



Happy members Frank Peabody, Charlie House, Brydon Ward, Jerry Ogburn (the birthday boy), Jim Griffes and Barbara Stanford contributed $$ to demonstrate their glee. 

Helene Kalfuss also welcomed new Club Foundation board members Eileen Reilly and Jerry Ogburn.



Sandy Morton, guest and sister of new honorary member Jan Moss won the drawing  taking home $26.


Interact Club will conduct our meeting

Today’s Editor: Jim Dunn

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