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Rotary  Club of Palm Springs Meeting of April 4, 2018



Our meeting began with Prez Nadine calling us to order (who, us???), having Dan K lead the pledge, Charlie recited the Four Way Test with the rest of us echoing, as usual, and Bob Barrett gave us a beautiful Invocation.

Bob Elsner introduced the one visiting Rotarian,  Mike Bates from Bellingham Bay Rotary Club in Bellingham, Washington.

Guests at our lunch were introduced by their hosts: JJ brought Janey Balitho, Margie brought  Scott  the developer and Mary (otherwise known as in Alaska).

Andrea (great to see you, Andrea!) brought her son Marcus, a curly-haired little elf person who was very good and very well behaved (unlike the rest of us).

Carole Rogers brought her older/younger (still in negotiation) sister Kathy with her again. Welcome back, Kathy!


Nadine talked about a follow-up to the Rosarito project from last Fall in partnership with the Desert Hot  Springs club – the Rosarito Rotary club is keeping it fresh and has even added some new playground features. Pictures were sent around to see how the project is faring.

Barbara Stanford’s Celebration of Life will be this Saturday at 11:30. Nadine mentioned people will be there at 10:00 to help set up and there will be a lunch later.

Rotary At Work Day will be on Saturday, April 28 at the Boys and Girls Club from 9:00 to 12:00, followed by a lunch – a $5 donation is suggested.

President-Elect Kathy asked that the committee signup sheets on the tables be filled out so we can get a running start on filling up our committees next year.

Milt had printed out hard copies of the club directory for anyone to take and file away for quick access.

Our newest member Jeff Rosenberg was inducted by his “Induction Team”…Margie, Frank and Barbara Lippett, his sponsor! Welcome aboard, Jeff! We know you are a great addition and look forward to working with you on various projects.


Kathy introduced Debra Muss of the Create Center of Palm Desert, a non-profit organization with the mission to provide community enrichment for the arts.

Debra talked about forming this organization from a need to unite artists in the valley to have a place to go to share, to learn, and to create. She started the non-profit in September of 2016. Just in the last year they have gone from 7,000 members to 17,000 members, and are looking to expand.

She says there is something going on every day from painting to printing.  Their philosophy is to have accessible areas for artists to empower individuals and grow talent.

Debra also said that they have received financial support from the Anderson group for summer programs for children, and that home schooled children come in on Wednesday mornings to an open studio for them to create.

Her hope is to expand by adding more tech-based artistry such as photoshop, website design, 3-D printing, laser cutting, fiber arts, a dark room, a teaching kitchen, maybe even a performance space, and virtual reality artistry.  Whew!

She wants to develop a residency program, giving people the tools to help with creativity and inspire curiosity and collaboration.

Debra stated that she has received a large donation of woodworking equipment, but has no place to put it at this point. We can see why she’s looking for a space to expand.

Create Center is 100% volunteer and relies on donations, sponsorships, grants, and of course, memberships.

A great program, and we wish you great success!


Jamey Canfield then took over the Recognition portion of the day, and caught Andrea, Charlie, Nandy, Frank, Margie, Jim, Helene, Nancy, Carol and Ryan in his net about Martin Luther King.


Happy dollars were collected from Bob Ellis, Carol’s older/younger sister Kathy, Bob Barrett, cute little Marcus with the curly hair, Ryan, and Judy.


Sandra drew the winning ticket and collected $28, but the black marble worth $300 was not to be found.   

This week's editor: Kathy Weyer

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