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Mar 21, 2018
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of March 14, 2018



This week's meeting was conducted by Prez Nadine.  The flag salute was led by Ryan Saunders, the 4-way Test was energetically led by Margie Taft, and the invocation was given by Barbara Lippert.
Nadine introduced Rod Karius, visiting from Alberta, Canada.  Margie Taft introduced her guest, Jeffrey Rosenberg, and announced that Jeffrey is going to be inducted as a new Rotary member!

Milt reminded everyone that the Angel View Prom will be held on Saturday, March 24, and more volunteers are needed.  See Judy Bronstein for the sign-up sheet.
Milt announced that we need "Greeters" for weekly Rotary meetings, and a sign-up sheet was being passed for volunteers to sign up.
Nadine reminded everyone that the District Conference will be held May 17-20 at the Hilton Doubletree Resort in Cathedral City, and we will have a Hospitality Room.
Margie announced that the Progressive Dinner held last Sunday was a huge success!  It was a great fellowship, and the hosts were heartily thanked for the wonderful job they did.

One of our newest members, Linda Levinson, completed her duties to earn her Blue Badge, which was presented to her in a ceremony by Nadine Koehler, Nandy Kruger, Margie Taft, and Jacque Wachs.

Kathy Weyer introduced today's guest speaker, Cynthia Breunig, President and CEO of the San Gorgonio district for the Girls Scouts of America, which includes the San Bernardino and Riverside areas.  
Cynthia reported that the Girl Scouts are in 147 countries with 60 million members.  The annual cookie sales have raised millions of dollars, which remain with the local Scouts, providing needed services which seek to help girls build the courage, confidence, and character to make the world a better place.  Eighty percent of female CEOs in America were Girl Scouts, and almost 100% of our female members raised their hands when asked if they had been Girl Scouts in the past.  The San Gorgonio district sold more cookies than any other district in the U.S., representing an average of 357 boxes of cookies per Girl Scout!  
Many questions followed from the interested audience, and we all learned new information about this amazing organization.

As today's Fine Master, Jacque Wachs questioned (and fined) only female members about the female role models of our male Rotary members.  Thanks went to those male members who submitted their touching stories about their female role models to Jacque.  Fines were paid by Linda Holmes, Judy Bronstein, Eileen Reilly, Nadine Koehler, Nandy Kruger, Barbara Stanford, Kathy Weyer, Nancy Palmer, and Helene Kalfuss.

We had a very happy crowd with great appreciation for the hosts of the Progressive Dinner and for those who participated in this fun social event.  Happy Dollars were submitted by Linda Holmes, Susan Ward, Kathy Weyer, Roger Mickalko, Sherry, Judy Bronstein, Barbara Lippert, Linda Levinson, Jacque Wachs, Bob Elsner, Sandra Levinson, and Barbara Stanford.


The weekly drawing was for $19 and was won by Rod Karius, but he missed the black marble which was worth $249!  In addition, Susan Ward and Bob Allan won the drawings for baskets of Girl Scout goodies (cookies!) donated by Cynthia Bruenig. 

This week's editor: Linda Holmes

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