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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of March 7, 2018



The pledge was led by Dan Keller followed by Jim McInerney leading the Four-Way-Test and Bob Barrett gave the invocation.
Nandy introduced visiting Rotarians: Murray McArthur from Meewasin, Saskatoon, Rick Felstead from Brandon, Manitoba, Randy Aston from Lloydmonster, Alberta.
The Canadians received a very warm welcome!
Margie introduced our one visitor for today, Jeff Rosenberg, who is comparing his visits to Desert Hot Springs with us – what can we do to convince him to join us? Bribery? We know he will enjoy his time with Rotary no matter which club he joins.

Also, Judy announced the Angel View Prom is on target for the 24th; she sent around a sign-up sheet to help set up, come back and stay for the event, and help break it all down. If you were planning to help set up, the time has changed from noon to 1:00 to honor those students who want to participate in a march happening that morning.

Our Membership Committee, Margie, Frank, and headed by Nandy, all stepped up to the podium along with new Blue Badgers Ed McBride and Barb LIppett. Congrats on becoming adults in the club and fulfilling all your duties!


Jerry Ogburn took the risk of, as he said, “leaving Bob Elsner unattended at the table” to introduce our speaker for the day, Greg Purdy of the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway.


Greg began by saying that he spoke to us two years ago and was so impressed by the four-way test that he broadcast it to his friends! (Hint to Membership Committee – get this guy!)  He gave us the history of the Tram and announced that the tram celebrated its 20 millionth rider just last month. 
What’s new at the Tram, you may ask? There is a Tram History Museum, documenting the engineering marvel designed in 1961; the attraction has added an entertainment venue; and developed and launched a mobile app that has over 50 audio and visual programs and is location-sensitive. If you are at the top of the tram and see something, the app will tell you all about it. Amazing stuff. You can download the App from the Apple Store or the Android store.
Greg announced special events coming up in conjunction with the San Jacinto State Park Rangers, a Natural History Museum, and various lectures to be announced soon. They have Military Days and are adding Police and Fire days for all the hard-working military, fire and law enforcement employees serving our community.
The 33rd Annual Tram Road Challenge (6K, which our own Dan Keller has participated in for 30 years), Holiday Choirs at twilight, a tree lighting ceremony, breakfast with Santa, an employee discount for corporations, and a Tramsters program for kids to get a free ride for their birthday.
All this plus the area is used for Hollywood filming – Dirty Jobs and Martha Stewart weddings.

Jamey was our finemaster and he nabbed Dr. Dan, Nancy, Nandy, Bob, Allen, Kat, Roger, Nadine, Helene, Margie, and Susan for a sawbuck each.and Bob Elsner was fined $10 for just being a wise guy.

Charlie contributed to Happy Dollars – apparently no one else was happy this week.


Chris Seidel drew the winning ticket for the marble game and got $30 for his luck, but his luck ran out at the marble game.
AND, Chris also won the raffle for the two Tram tickets donated by Greg Purdy! He’s giving Judy a run for her money (so to speak).

Today’s editor: Kathy Weyer

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