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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of February 14, 2018




Club members this week partied with members of the Mizell Senior Center...and of course no party is complete without music.

Club members in attendance were treated to a fine Italian feast complete with brownie desserts bigger than anyone should be allowed to eat, although some of us gave it a valiant effort.

Following the meal, the group assembled in one of the auditoria to learn more about the programs offered by the Center.

The Center's Executive Director Ginny Foat thanked the club for its annual support of the Meals on Wheels program. Our Club Foundation has provided grants to help support this program for many years.

Ginny then introduced two of her staff members to discuss the Meals and Wheels and Fall Prevention programs.


Laura Castillo first discussed the Meals on Wheels program, reminding us that the program routinely provides food to 450 people daily Monday through Friday (funding prevents the Center from providing food on the weekends) and up to 900 people at peak when temporary participants are included due to being homebound following surgeries, illness, etc.. The program coverage area covers people from Whitewater to the Salton Sea.  Additionally, 200 people are served lunch at the Center on a daily basis. Laura went on to describe the qualification process for participants of the program and the ongoing scrutiny and accountability due to part of its funding coming from county and federal funding. Ginny added that the Mizell program is the model Meals on Wheels program for the County of Riverside.

Suzanne Spencer then described the Center's Fall Prevention program. She expressed the importance of the program because research shows that seniors who fall and break a hip or other bone are susceptible to contracting other illnesses which combined with the injury often prove to be fatal. She stressed that the program is not an exercise program, but rather a training and awareness program with a core strengthening component to help individuals avoid a fall. Generally one third of the program focuses on education (being aware of one's surroundings), one third support group and one third core strengthening.  The program consists of 8 sessions spread over 16 hours and so far almost 1,000 participants have completed it. The program seeks to change behaviors with some of the key messages being:

  • Be aware of your surroundings (watch for obstacles)
  • Slow down and take your time
  • Ask for help
  • Keep your house safe
Ginny concluded by encouraging members to support the Mizell Senior Center through membership, donations to Aunt Betty's Attic (thrift store located at Mizell), and attendance at its annual fundraiser "Stars Among Us". Marjorie Aikens and Carrie Allan can assist you with tickets if you would like to attend the event coming up on February 24th. You can also purchase tickets by clicking this link
Thanks to Ginny and her staff for a wonderful lunch and for the work they do in our community every day!


Next week, Felice Chapperini with the Braile Institute will speak to us back in our usual location at the Hilton.

This Week’s Editor: Jim Dunn

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