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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of February 21, 2018



President Nadine Kohler welcomed all. Jim McInerney, Frank Peabody, and Barb Lippert began the meeting with the Pledge, 4 Way Test, and thought for the day. 

Bob Elsner welcomed Canadian Rotarians Glen Potter (Calgary), Garth Courtney (Saskatoon), and Rick Felstead, PDG (Branbon, MB). He continued with Jim Jahant from Beverly Hills, Bonnie Best, Sedona, AZ, and Mark Rogers (Carole’s main squeeze) DHS.  Nadine proudly welcomed her folks, Gus and Joyce Hernandez (long time PS residents!)

Nadine thanked the 30 club members and sojourners that attended the luncheon at Mizell Sr. Center. We had the pleasure of sponsoring lunch for all the seniors at Mizell. Rotarians shared candy and Valentines with the seniors. 

Judy Bronstein reminded us about the Progressive Dinner on March 11th. Cost: only $10. Please give your RSVP and $$ to Barb Lippert. Your hosts will be JJ and Bill Bronstein, Ryan Saunders and Brad, and Jim and Melinda McInerney

Kathy Weier announced next week’s program Four Way Test speech presentation will be presented by 5 students from PSHS Interact…always a wonderful, thoughtful program. 

Your Membership ‘Troika’, Nandy, Frank, and Margie presented Jim McInerney his well-earned Blue Badge.  Jim, former Van Nuys Rotarian, jumped in with both feet contributing service to our Club…accompanied by his wife, Melinda.

Nadine interviewed Charlie House, Sojourner for 15 years.  He has been a Rotarian for 52 years (50 of which with perfect attendance in the Duluth, MN Club!) With the advent of Polio Plus back in the 80’s, Charlie (a polio survivor) and his Club raised $150,000 to defeat Polio. Service Above Self! After graduating from U of Wisconsin, he was a CPA for 50 years before retiring and wintering in PS. 


Prez Elect Kathy Weier introduced Felice Chiapperini, Educational Manager of the Braille Institute, in RM. He shared that the Braille Institute will celebrate its 100th year of service in 2019.

There are 80,000 "low vision" people in Riverside County.  Today, only 10% of visually challenged folks read in Braille due to great technological advances with smart phones, talking appliances, ‘smart’ glasses and talking apps. 

In addition to teaching the skill of reading in Braille, the Braille Institute provides practical life-skills education, such as, ‘cooking without looking’, mobility training and a myriad of classes which are provided locally and in outlying areas. To demonstrate the routine functions of daily life that many of us take for granted, Felice demonstrated the art of folding monetary bills differently by denomination. AND, there’s an app that verbally identifies the amount of each bill. To the pleasure of our Canadian friends…it works on the C$, too! Thanks, Felice (accent over the e!) for a fun and informative program.

Fine master extraordinaire, Bob Elsner tested us on what things cost 50 years ago. Yes, McDonald's burger for 18 cents, homes for $14K, movies $1.25 and on and on! The following left the meeting $10 lighter…Roger, Dorys, Jacque, Bob Allan, Ryan, Barb Stanford, Nandy, Kathy, and ‘new car’ Carole.


Happy $$$ were many…from Kathy, Linda, Sojourner Susan, Dorys, guest Bonnie, visitor Mark and a happy Carole RogersFrank thanked the 28 volunteers, donating 139 hours to the success of our Apparel Booth at the Tour de Palm Springs.


Guess who won the Raffle?  Yes, Judy came through again winning $29 but missing the $154 pot!

Next week: Four Way Test program (a winner!)

Today’s editor: Frank Peabody

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