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Jul 26, 2017
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of April 5, 2017

Prez Elect Nadine Koehler opened the meeting with Nandy Kruger leading the pledge of allegiance, Andrea Madrigal led us in the 4 Way Test and Arlene Rosenthal led us in the invocation. 

Visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced by Barbara Stanford.  Visiting Rotarians:  Karl Kruger – Irvine Club, Mike Bates-Bellingham, Wayne Swanson-Dalles, OR and his guest Jim Anderson- Desert Hot Springs

Guests:  Silvia Signoret brought her daughter Solange (Solagne is a former Early Act President), Denise Ellis (Past President) and lovely to see our Honorary Rotarian Carol Brill.

Pres. Elect Nadine made two “Save the Date” announcements:

Rotarians at Work Day – April 29, 2017 at the Palm Springs Library from 8-10 a.m.

Volunteer Trip with the Desert Hot Springs Club to Rosarita, Mexico.  For info on the Rosarita Mission Trip, May 5-7, 2017.  Contact Nadine for further details.

Special Recognition to Andrea Madrigal to receive her Blue Badge.  Congrats Andrea!


Our Special Program today is “Celebrating 30 Years of Women in Rotary.”  The journey...

On May 4, 1987 the U.S. Supreme Court rules that Rotary Clubs may not exclude women from membership based on gender.  Rotary International issues a statement that any Rotary Club in the United States can admit qualified women in membership. 

In 1989 Rotary International’s Council on Legislation votes following decades long efforts by men and women from all over the Rotary World to allow for the admission of women into Rotary International.  Response to the decision was overwhelmingly positive. 

By June 1990, the number of female Rotarians had sky rocketed to over 20,000.  

At last count in 2010 over 200,000 women were members.  

Statistics from 2013 show that 15% of Rotary International membership is female.  And 22% of membership in the United States.

Our Prez Elect Nadine Koehler shared a letter from Jeanne Stanton (1st Female President of our Rotary Club), who could not be with us as she lives out of state.  Jeanne was President from 1992-1993.  Jeanne shared her 25 years of experience of being a Rotarian.  

Prez. Nadine then introduced Margie Taft.  Margie Taft was the first woman to be inducted into the Rotary Club of Palm Springs.  We couldn’t think of anyone better than Margie Taft to be the first woman in our Rotary club.  Margie had quite a presence in Palm Springs.  In 1987 Margie was managing the Desert Fashion Plaza; she had also managed the Palm Springs Hotel.  She had been the President of the Palm Springs Chamber and President of the Downton Merchant’s Association.  Rabi Joe Horwitz approached her to join the Rotary Club.  At the time, they didn’t allow women.  Margie was rejected the first time.  But on May 4th the Supreme Court made a decision that women should not be excluded from being a member of Rotary Clubs.  Margie shared how members actually quit the club because women were going to be let in.   Margie experienced feelings of not being accepted, to winning over and pioneering a way for all women to be a part of the Palm Springs Rotary Club.  Margie became President of the club in 2003-2004.  Margie’s signature was her APPLAUSE sign and her famous saying “Who is on the Membership Committee?”  We all are!  From all of us Margie.  THANK YOU!


Prez. Elect Nadine then introduced the female Presidents of our club.

Jeanne Stanton – President 1992-1993 (our club's first woman president - not present)

Helene Kalfuss – President 1999-2000.  Helene spoke about how in her year everyone was a committed Rotarian.  She introduced the Rotarian of the Month, engaged in Membership growth and remembers how wonderful our club members were.  Helene went on to be our District Governor.  Helene is currently the President of the Club Foundation. And has been a strong supporter of RYLA every year.   Helene has visited many countries for our District’s Foundation Grants and given presentations on Rotary International Foundation.

Judy BronsteinPresident 2006-2007.  Judy talked about her embarrassing experiences while being President; but Judy is just modest, not letting on what a wonderful President she was.  Judy brought a great energy and sense of humor to the club.  Judy has done it all and still does for our club.  She does a fantastic job every year as the coordinator of Angel View Prom, Interact Advisor and a key planner of our club Social Events.


Jacque Wachs – President 2008-2009 .  When Jacque and her husband moved to the Desert 13 years ago they did not know anyone.  Well, that quickly changed after Jacque joined the Rotary Club.  Jacque has always enjoyed the fellowship of her fellow Rotarians.  That was important to her when she became President.  Jacque talked about some of the highlights of her year.  Bowling for Polio was sponsored by the Palm Springs club and Palm Springs Sun up Club.   Jacque also initiated the Rotarian of the Month and Rotarian of the Year which was coordinated by Bob Allan.  The Early Act Club was started in Jacque’s year by Janet Miller.   Jacque has volunteered with the Early Act the club for years as well as being a Volunteer at Cahuilla Elementary School.   Jacque has gone on to be an Assistant Gov.   She has worked on the District Conference for 8 years.   Jacque stated that the best part of Rotary is the fellowship, as well as being a part of the community.

Christine Cross – President 2010-2011 (not present) During her year, Christine helped to coordinate a forward vision for the club, working with the District to craft a vision plan for future years. Christine, and husband Stewart opened their home to host events for the club and its activities.

Denise Ellis – President 2012-2013.   At the time Denise was the President of our club she was also the Principal of Cahuilla Elementary School.  Denise loved participating in Literacy, and Early Act and Volunteering.  She said the best work she has done has been through Volunteering.  Denise introduced the “Black Sheep” pin which she gave to a Rotarian in the club that stood out and went above and beyond.  All who received wore the “Black Sheep” pin proudly.

Anita Gray – President 2013-2014 (not present) At the time of her presidency Anita was relatively new to the club and to Rotary having just joined the previous year, yet jumped in wholeheartedly. Anita gave of her time and spirit generously.

Prez Elect Nadine then showed some pictures of the Women in Our Rotary Club.

Thank you to all the Women in our club and Happy Anniversary!


Fine master for the day was Jacque Wachs . The theme for fining today was what else?  Women in Rotary Club of Palm Springs.  The men were the only people fined for the day.  They had a choice of picking a name of a female Rotarian in the club out of a bowl and saying something about them, or Jacque would give a one word description of the females in the club and they had to guess who it was.  The Gentleman did an outstanding job.  The following Rotarians were called upon:  Dan Keller, Karl Kruger, Bob Elsner, Mike Mulcahy, Milt Levinson, Dick Hostrop, and Lance Levitt.  THANK YOU TO THE MEN OF THE ROTARY CLUB OF PALM SPRINGS.


Happy dollars were given Solange Signoret, Sandra Levinson, Nandy Kruger, Chris Seidel, Tim Ellis and Dorys H.


Jerry Ogburn had the magic ticket.

Pot was $25               Big pot    $100


Please join us on Wednesday, April 12, 2017, as we welcome James Melton.

Today’s Editor:  Jacque Wachs

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