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Jul 26, 2017
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of March 29, 2017

President Jamey opened our meeting by leading the pledge, the invocation was given by Bob Barrett (along with a very warm welcome back!), Charlie led us in the four-way test, and Margie announced Visiting Rotarians: Al Muir from Saskatoon, and Morris and Lous Henderson, from Camrose, Alberta. There were no other visitors.

We celebrated Dr. Dan’s birthday by a very bad rendition of the birthday song…

Judy announced (for the last time) the Angel View Prom is this Saturday, volunteers are to meet at noon to help set up, then come back at 5:00 for the actual event. Members encouraged to attend.

Bob Barrett thanked everyone for their cards and well wishes while he was recuperating.

Ryan Saunders was presented with a check for $290.92 to help with PE Equipment for this school.


New Blue Badges were given to three new members – welcome to the fold!


Nadine then introduced our speaker, Morgan Levine from Desert Adventures (aka The Red Jeep Tours), giving a history of the Coachella Valley and it’s geology and interesting facts.

Did you know that we are directly due west of South Carolina? Most of the Middle East?? So much information came out this reporter couldn’t keep up.

Suffice it to say that the tectonic plates are moving all the time and once one rams under another, shifts occur – for instance, during the San Francisco earthquake, land moved 21 feet! We learned how the Salton Sea was formed, that the California Fern Palm is the one native palm to this area, and other important information relative to our area that was astounding.


Dr. I.Q. then took over and quizzed the audience on the newest Rotarian Magazine. Most of the audience was stumped. Yours truly earned the “replica of a fake of an authorized reproduction” gold dollar when I came up with the correct answer: Margie was the first female Rotarian in our club, joined in 1987. Dr. I.Q. collected funds from Dr. Dan, Johnny, Stuart, Tim, Bob, Frank (for having a new car), Charlie, Kathy, Rodger, Tim (again) and Jamey. All participants were given a Snickers Bar, which was much appreciated.


Happy dollars were given by Roger, Kathy, Judy, Frank, Bob, Stuart (who was invited to join the club as an official Soujourner), Al, and Dorys.


Judy’s ticket was once again punched(???) and she received $22 in the small pot, but the black marble eluded her. The big pot stands at $100.


Next week’s meeting is focused on Women in Rotary and will be run by women. Should be fun!

Knowing that our Canadian friends will be leaving us shortly we bid adieu to old friends (temporarily) and welcomed new ones. All in all a fun, productive meeting.

Today’s Editor:  Kathy Weyer

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