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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of March 15, 2017

Prez Jamey Canfield opened the meeting with Peter Freymuth leading the pledge of allegiance.         

Doris Halftermeyer led us in the 4 Way Test.  Ref. Jim Griffes led us in the invocation.  Visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced by Frank Peabody. 

Visiting Rotarians:  Ted Rowsell, Calgary South Alberta, Al Muir, Saskatoon, CA, Morris and Lou Henderson, Carnrose, Alberta, Canada and Ben Handel, Poughkeepsie, NY.  

Guests:  Andrea Madrigal brought her assistant from Boys and Girls Club Leonard Perez.

Andrea Madrigal gave a report on the Boys and Girls Club Gala, where our club was recognized for our contribution and support of the Palm Springs club.  They made $30,000 with $17,200 to be used for the new roof.  Ryan Saunders accepted the award on behalf of our club. 

A good time was had by all at the Progressive Dinner on Sunday, March 12.  Big thank you to Nancy Palmer, Nadine Koehler, Judy Bronstein and Ryan Saunders.




Prez Jamey announced that Bob Barrett is still home recuperating and Sandra Levinson is home from the hospital.  A card is going around to be signed by club members.

Judy Bronstein announced that Angel View Prom will be on April 1st at the Demuth Community Center.  We need volunteers at 12 N to help set up and then volunteers at 5 p.m. for the Prom.

Tim Ellis reported on the Homeless Youth Project and informed us that our club donated $1,000 worth of $10 gift certificates to be given to Don Slusser at Palm Spring Unified School District to distribute to the needy students.  This money will be used for food for the weekends for the students.

Kathy Weyer announced that next week’s program will be 4 Way Test Speech Contest with 3 students from Palm Springs High School competing.


The week's program was Police Chief Brian Reyes of the Palm Springs Police Department.  Chief Reyes had a couple of announcements. 

There will be the Run for Ike on April 1st.  This is a fundraiser for the Police Canine that was killed in the line of duty.  There will be a 5K run, followed by pancake breakfast

Chief Reyes also wanted to discuss Palm Springs turning into a Sanctuary City.  As of 1981 the City of Palm Springs has had a policy in place on how to deal with illegal aliens.  That policy still stands.  The Police Departments make presentations to Hispanic Communities and explains the policies to them.  The local Hispanic Community is not afraid of what will happen to them in Palm Springs, their fear is what will happen to them if they leave Palm Springs. 

The Police Department wants to purchase another armored vehicle for Palm Springs.  There is currently 1 vehicle which services Palm Springs, Cathedral City and Indio.  

Chief Reyes discussed the department's Community Outreach programs:  for 24 years there has been the Citizens Police Academy which is a 13 week program.  There will also be the 1st Student Police Academy Program which will be held at the Boys and Girls Club starting March 16 and last for 6 weeks.  On March 21st there will be a Q & A with Chief Reyes for the LGBT community at Chill Bar.  March 22nd at the LGBT Center there will be 2 hour training for officers and entry management staff on how best to address LGBT issues.

Chief Reyes also discussed How Social media plays a part in working with the Palm Springs Police Department. There are 44 Neighborhood Associations and there is an officer assigned to each one.  There is a new program that the Police Department is working with called PS Cares regarding pedestrian safety in the community.  

The Department was down 15 positions last year.  This week they hired and filled all positions.  They are looking to hire more when the downtown and Spa Hotel are completed.

Chief Reyes gave us some information on Crime in Palm Springs:

  • 23% reduction in Residential burglary crime.
  • 1% decrease in Commercial burglary crime.
  • 20% decrease in robbery
  • 7 % decrease in property theft

Chief Reyes credits the reduction in crime to Neighborhoods working with the Police Department.  

Chief Reyes took questions from the Club Members.



Fine master for this week was Bob Elsner featuring questions about Police history and questions on daylight savings time.  The following Rotarians that participated:  Tim Ellis, Jacque Wachs, Doris Halftermeyer, Peter Freymuth, Helene Kalfuss, Andrea Madrigal and Margie Taft.


Visiting Rotarian Lou Henderson had the magic ticket and drew the black marble.

Pot was $23.00... Big pot $273.  We would like to thank Lou Henderson for donating part of his winnings to Coins for Kids.  A big thank you from our club


Please join us on Wednesday, March 22, 2017, for our regular Club meeting.  Club member Kathy Weyer has revived the Rotary Four-Way Test Speech Contest at Palm Springs High School.  Our program will feature three PSHS students, who will present their speeches to us; prizes will be awarded.

Today’s Editor: Jacque Wachs

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