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Jul 26, 2017
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of March 15, 2017


Prez Jamey Canfield called the raucous folks to order (we do have lively fellowship before the meeting!) PSHS student, Ahmed Nahian began with the pledge, followed by student Melinda Solis with the 4 Way Test, and our own Rev Griffes with the thought for the day.

Dr. Dan Keller welcomed visitors Al Muir (Saskatoon), Karl Kruger (Irvine, but really family), Jim Adkin (Windsor, Ont), Lou & Morris Henderson (Camrose, Alberta) and Tim Schauesuaner from Forest Grove, OR. Peabody had the privilege of welcoming Rachel, proud Mom of Melinda and her Uncle Adam.

Prez Jamey passed around a thank you card from our Canadian Rotarian friend who won the pot last week. He took the loot back to Canada and ‘doubled’ its value as they crossed the border…so said Bob Elsner

To continue…Judy Bronstein requested more to volunteer for our very special Angel View Prom.   So far, 8 have signed up for set-up at 12 Noon, and 10 at 5:30 for the hosting…on Saturday, April 1st…no fooling…she would welcome more Rotarians.

Milt Levinson announced the Well of the Desert food serving program at various venues and times. Arlene Rosenthal and Milt have the details if you wish to participate. 

Frank Peabody announced to save the date for the Tour de Palm Springs that will occur on February 9-10, 2018. PS almost lost this great event to Palm Desert…but we prevailed!  


Kathy Weyer, chair of the Four Way Contest, introduced us to the rules (5-8 minutes, graded on voice and contents in regard to our Four Way Test). Three students from PSHS then proceeded… 

#1 shared his thoughts on how to overcome ever present teen peer pressure.  Basically, be true to yourself, be creative, and realize that peers can love you for who you are.  

#2 (no names were used…but the shadow knows!) spoke about common sense, using coins vs paper money as her example. We learned that coins are bad for the environment, cumbersome to circulate, and we should follow Australia’s example and do away with these messy, dirty items. Now, that was creative!  

#3 talked about pets (not Rotary PETS!) How many had them, adopting them, rehabilitating them…all according to the Four Way Test. Thank you, Kathy, for a wonderful event!

Prez Jamey and Kathy then introduced Ahmed Nahian, who aspires to be a Doctor following the footsteps of his parents, Melina Solis who wants to be a lawyer, and Hayden Poulain who wishes to attend UCLA and become an engineer. The three received prize money and a certificate…well deserved!  Judy Bronstein beamed that all three students were members of PSHS Interact Club.


Happy $$$$ were received from Judy, Dr Helene Kalfuss (RYLA facilitator for many years), Rev Griffes, Dr Dave Alderman, and from visitor Tim S from Oregon, celebrating the many OR college sports victories recently. 


Dr Ryan Saunders had the winning ticket ($18) but missed the ‘depleted’ pot of $100.


Hint:  Better read your April Rotarian mag…Dr. IQ will test us all next week!

Today’s Editor:  Frank Peabody

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