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Jul 26, 2017
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of April 19, 2017
The meeting was called to order by Prez Jamey Canfield, who led the Pledge of Allegiance.  Carole Rogers led the 4-Way Test and received smiles and applause from the audience for not flubbing it.  The invocation was enthusiastically given by Arlene Rosenthal in her own special way.  
Frank Peabody introduced our visiting Rotarian, Leslie Crouthamel from Guam.  Welcomed guests were Marjorie Aitkens, as well as Andrea Madrigal’s young son, Marcus, who was on spring break. 

Prez Jamey and Tim Ellis happily announced that the City of Palm Springs received an award from Victoria’s Secret for being “The Sexiest City in the United States.”

Nadine Koehler on a slightly more serious note, announced the Rosarito, Mexico, service project, sponsored by the Desert Hot Springs and Rosarito Rotary Clubs, May 5-7. For info on the Rosarita Mission Trip contact Nadine.

Rotarians at Work Day – April 29, 2017 at the Palm Springs Library from 8-10 a.m. See Frank Peabody to sign up now..or click to email Frank!

Today’s speaker was Herb K. Schultz, CEO of the Desert Healthcare District.  Herb has over 30 years of experience in healthcare management.  He was the senior advisor to California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and labor secretary under Governor Gray Davis.  Later, as a regional director with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Schultz helped run federal healthcare policies including the Affordable Care Act, a top priority of President Obama’s administration.
The Palm Springs-based Desert Healthcare District has an annual budget of approximately $9 million, and over the years has distributed more than $66 million to community organizations, providers of health care, school districts, and others for health services and programs that benefit our community. Much of the funding comes from Riverside County property tax revenue. 
The Mission of the District/Foundation is: To achieve optimal health at all stages of life for all District residents. 
The Vision is: to connect Coachella Valley residents to health and wellness services and programs through philanthropy and resources, health facilities, information and community education, and public policy. 
Herb discussed the District's mission and vision in detail, and reviewed the future of the District possibly moving from the West Valley to include the Eastern Coachella Valley as well.  Herb expressed gratitude to the elected Healthcare District Board of Directors for their outstanding work to accomplish the mission and vision, and particularly thanked our own Rotary member, Carole Rogers, who is the current President of the Board.


Following the speaker, Tim Ellis served as the Fine Master with questions about Obamacare, Income Taxes, and the Revolutionary War.  Paying fines were Bob Allan, Jim Dunn, Chris Seidel, Nancy Palmer, Linda Holmes, Barbara Stanford, Margie Taft, and Dorys Halftermeyer.  In addition, Bob Elsner was fined for disturbing the peace during with his usual comments.  (Well, done, Tim!)


Happy Dollars were happily paid by Arlene Rosenthal and Bob Barrett.


Marcus Madrigal drew the ticket for the winning number (thank you Marcus!) and Mike Mulcahy won $12.  However, Mike missed the Black Marble drawing for $100.  


Next week’s guest speaker will be Jeannie Kays from the Palm Springs Library.

Today’s Editor:  Linda Holmes

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