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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of January 24, 2018



 Prez Nadine Koehler welcomed all in the Hilton Bar. Close quarters, but very friendly…no martinis…yet! Dick Hostrop began with the pledge, Jerry Ogburn, 4 Way Test, Bob Barrett gave the invocation. Bob Elsner introduced visiting Rotarians, Tim Polin and Al Muir from Canada, Jim Jahant, Beverly Hills, and Sam Messler, incoming Prez from DHS. Margie Taft introduced our friend Bob Hughes.

Frank passed around the signup sheet for our Apparel Booth at the Tour de Palm Springs on Feb 9th and 10th. He thanked all for volunteering…we have only a few spots to fill but sign up now! 
Incoming Prez Kathy Weier proudly announced we have 5 participants for the 4 Way Test Speech Contest.
Prez Nadine shared applications are being accepted for our PS Foundation Grants.

Nadine launched a new segment of our meeting designed to help us get to know our sojourners a little bit better. These quick interviews will help us learn more about these special and active members that help make the fabric of club even richer.
The first (probably because he is the shyest) sojourner to be interviewed by Nadine "Katie Couric" Koehler was none other than Roger Mickalco! Roger and his wife Judy have been coming to PS 18 years ago and have been great participants in our club activities.
Prez Nadine continued our Sojourner Intro program, featuring Chris Seidel from Holland, Michigan. This ‘kid’ from Pennsylvania went from the farm to a varied and successful career back East and retired as an Associate Director in Senior Management. Following a move to Michigan he began wintering in PS. He is the President of the Concert Assn and past president and currently a Board member of the Friends of the Library.  We appreciate all Chris and Mike Mulcahy have contributed to PS and our Club!

Five great Rotarian women, Margie, Jacque, Carole, Nandy, and Nadine had the pleasure of inducting Linda Levinson (no relation to ‘you know who’). Linda is associated with Desert Health Care District where she is co-chair of the Mental Health Task Force. Her passion is working with PS homeless people. She shared that her family was once homeless.

Well, our Speaker was a no-show…but the show goes on!  Nadine, Margie, and Frank scrambled to create, what turned out to be a fun fellowship event from our own members. We heard from Ed McBride and his establishment of a Salon for Men, soon to open. He is currently on the Library Board of Trustees; he was also just appointed to the PS Library Foundation Board and shared some ‘confidential news’ of its future plans.
Sojourner Susan Ward talked about the Lac La Biche Rotary book program for local kiddos. She and Brydon are making a difference in that Alberta burg!
Thomas Smith, our Assistant Governor, and leader in the Rotary District Leadership Program reminded us of the upcoming District Assembly and District Conference. 
Thank you all for showcasing outstanding talents!

Finemaster, Jacque Wachs, prior to the meeting, asked several Rotarians who their hero was and why. She quoted from Jamey (his Dad), Margie (Jesus), Bob Elsner (Ronald Reagan), Jacque (a feminist icon), Nadine (MLK), Kathy (JFK), plus others.  Guessers Eileen, Nadine, Milt, Nandy, Barb, Kathy, and Chris all paid $10 whether tthey guessed right or wrong. It was fun, touching, and very creative, Jacque!


Happy $$$ were received from Jacque, Kathy, Sam Messler, and Al Muir.


Ho hum...Judy Bronstein won the Raffle but missed the blackie. She’s one lucky lady…and you know what? Good for her!!


Next week, the PSHS Interact Club will run the meeting…giving Prez Nadine a breather.

Today’s Editor: Frank Peabody

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