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Jul 26, 2017
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of April 12, 2017

Our fearless leader Jamey Canfield opened the meeting by leading the Flag Salute himself. Johnny Coladonato guided the group through the intricacies of the 4-Way test. Our own version of the bionic man, Bob Barrett, nourished our spiritual well-being and Tim Ellis welcomed our visiting Rotarians from near and far appropriately including one guest all the way from the UK.

Event Chairman extraordinaire Frank Peabody again thanked all of those who participated in the apparel booth at the Tour de PS, particularly those stalwart souls who braved the elements on a windy and rainy Friday night before the ride. Because of the weather, attendance this year suffered, but the members still earned a $1,000 donation to the Club Foundation. Peabody presented the check along with Club President Jamey Canfield, to Foundation President Helene Kalfuss and Foundation Treasurer Jim Dunn.

Rotarians at Work Day – April 29, 2017 at the Palm Springs Library from 8-10 a.m. See Frank Peabody to sign up now..or click to email Frank!

Volunteer Trip with the Desert Hot Springs Club to Rosarita, Mexico.  For info on the Rosarita Mission Trip, May 5-7, 2017.  Contact Nadine for further details.

Our speaker this week was the high-flying author and speaker Jim Melton. Jim Melton is one of America’s outstanding trainers and management consultants with more than 25 years as a professional speaker. His sincere, unforgettable and unstoppable enthusiasm inspires people to move into action. He rose to prominence through his best-selling books and public television series and holds a Ph.D. in management.

Jim enlightened the group with the premise that the next step in space travel will be to enable the colonization of Mars. Jim summarized the underlying leadership steps to achieve any task of such significance. Melton pointed to JFK's 1961 address to Congress where he challenged the country with the goal of sending a man to the moon. 

Because this challenge contained a clearly defined goal and a deadline, the mission to succeed continued for many years after Kennedy's death. Likewise, this same premise can be applied in business and in life to achieve big results. Additionally, Jim advised that it is the focus on solutions rather than obstacles and on what one wants rather than doesn't want that propels great advancement and goal achievement. In other words keep the positive result in your sights to accomplish your goals.

Another observation offered by Jim was that technology is racing forward and that now it is no longer a concern for technology to keep up with human needs, but instead the need for humans to keep up with the ever evolving technology. As technology advances it is important for ethics, laws and standards by which people live evolve with equal speed.

Lastly, Melton stated that the time of relying on the war machine to advance technology, as was often the case throughout history, has passed. It is now time for collaborative development around the globe. More can be accomplished on the human and the technological front through effective collaboration by diverse groups of people.

In his closing wish presented to the group, Jim urged us not to fall prey to negative attitudes and news, but to instead bring our focus back to create expansion and awareness. As an extra bonus, Jim provided free copies of his latest book to members attending this week's meeting. To learn more about Jim Melton and his programs you can visit his website at


Fine master for the day was none other than Bob Elsner. With his space movie themed quiz, Mr. E beamed funds from the pockets of Jim Dunn, Frank Peabody, Mike Mulcahy, Dick Hostrop, Bob Allan, Thomas Smith, Linda Holmes, Barbara Stanford, Margie Taft, Johnny Coladonato, and Nadine Koehler.


Happy dollars were gladly presented by Bob Allan, Helene Kalfuss, Bob Barrett and Chris Seidel.


Mike Mulcahy picked up the grand total of $6 from the daily pot but unfortunately failed to launch by drawing the blue marble instead of black. 


Please join us on Wednesday, April 19, 2017, as we welcome CEO of Desert Healthcare District Herb Schultz.

Today’s Editor:  Jim Dunn

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