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Apr 05, 2017
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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of January 18, 2017


Prez Jamey Canfield opened the meeting with Arlene Rosenthal leading the pledge of allegiance; Peter Freymuth led us in the 4 Way Test and Jim Griffes in the invocation.

Visiting Rotarians and guests were introduced by Kathy Weyer.  Visting Rotarians included:  Al Muir from Saskatoon, Cary Hunt from San Leandro, Carol Baker from British Columbia 

Guests:  Dick Burkett and Ted Wentworth


It is with great sadness that we acknowledge that our beloved Mike Brill passed away last week.  Keep the Brill Family in your thoughts and prayers.  Mike will be greatly missed as he was such a vital part of our club for many years and a great friend to all of us. 

Services will be held at Desert Memorial Park on Friday, January 20, 2017 at 12:30 p.m. with Celebration of Life at the home of Mike and Carol Brill, 399 Santa Elena Rd., Palm Springs.  In lieu of flowers the family requests that donations be made to the Brill Family Scholarship Fund at our Palm Springs Rotary Club Foundation.  

Prez Jamey presented Peter Freymuth with his first Paul Harris Fellow. Congratulations Peter...and thank you for your contributions as a donor and as a weekly greeter!

Milt Levinson gave us an update on Bob Barrett.  Bob is still in intensive care and Milt will let us know when we can visit him.  Keep Bob in your thoughts and prayers.  Milt also updated us on Barbara Stanford.  Her ankle is healing and she hopes to be at Rotary next week.  Come back soon Barb…..we really miss you!

Frank Peabody informed the club that there are 23 volunteers (including Interact Students) for the Tour de Palm Springs this Friday and Saturday in Palm Springs.  We will be selling apparel...thanks to all who are participating!  

Jacque Wachs announced that today was the last collection of warm clothing for Well in the Desert Clients.  She thanked everyone who donated (we filled a valet cart...good job!).  There will be a Warm Weather Collection in 3-4 months.  Jacque reminded all members to clean their closets out and be ready to donate to those less fortunate.

Johnny Colandonato announced that our club has received an honor from the Boys and Girls Club as a Community Angel.  Johnny notified members of the Club's Gala that will take place on 2/9/17 at the Hilton Hotel.  Our club will be recognized at this dinner and auction. All proceeds benefit the Boys and Girls Club.  Johnny encouraged all of us to attend. This is an organization our club supports and Andrea, the CEO of the Boys and Girls Club is one of our newest please turn out and support this worthy cause!

Helene Kalfuss announced that Peter Freymuth and Margie Taft are the newest members of the Rotary Club of Palm Springs Foundation Board! Thank you Peter and Margie for serving.


President Elect Nadine Koehler, introduced today's guest speaker Diana Von Wentworth, author of many books including Chicken Soup for the Soul Cookbook, which has sold nearly one million copies.  Diana is a warm and expansive woman who has a passion for helping people discover absolute clarity about what they truly want.  She then gives them specific steps and techniques to magnetize and fulfill those desires during the next year. 

Diana has a long and varied career as a New York Times bestselling author of ten award-winning books. Her career began  as a celebrity chef which evolved into a television show, then as the Founder of the Inside Edge weekly breakfast forums throughout Southern California, now in its 31st year. 

Diana explained how you can teach yourself to tell a new story about whom you truly are, and what special gifts you alone can bring into this world.  Diana has written a new book Love Your Heart.  You can reach her through her website:

Diana offered a PDF copy of her latest book to members and also donated 100 signed copies of her book to benefit Cahuilla Elementary School. 




Fine Master today Jacque Wachs.  Today’s subject was Inauguration Facts, Firsts and Some Trivia.  Club members fined today were:  James Canfield, Johnny Coladonato, Dan Keller, Nandy Kruger, Jerry Ogburn, Eileen Reilly, Carole Rogers, Margie Taft and Kathy Weyer.


Happy Rotarians this week J.C. Constant, Carol Rogers, Jim Griffes, Jerry Ogburn, Nandy Kruger and James Canfield


Bob Allan won the $19 and missed the $100.00

District Governor Bob Duistermars
By: Jacque Wachs

Editor's Note...well maybe longer than a note:

This week's bulletin is dedicated to our good friend Mike Brill who may not be with us physically, but remains in our thoughts, our hearts and in the spirit of our club. During Mike's 27 years in the club, he exemplified the essence of Rotary. He was sincere, dedicated, engaged and welcoming to all. Not only a past president of our club, but involved in every way...a cornerstone.

Mike brought a lightness of being to every encounter. He was earnest in his personal beliefs and values, but also had the unique quality of respecting the convictions of others, even when they differed from his own. In a phrase, he was authentic and caring.

During his life, Mike experienced profound tragedy and great joy. He seemed to always find a way to turn even the worst of times into something better, even benefitting others. A perfect illustration is the Kevin Brill Memorial scholarship.

This family foundation established by Mike and Carol after losing their son, has helped many high school students pursue their dreams of going to college. Mike and Carol eventually placed the funds from their private foundation into our own Rotary Club of Palm Springs Foundation where it continues to support local students each year. Mike's family has asked that we rename this special fund within our foundation to "The Brill Family Scholarship Fund", so even now, Mike and his family continue help others.

Every Wednesday, like many of us I walk into our club meetings and expect that Mike will be there, as long as we feel that way I believe that truly he will be. It is sometimes said that when someone leaves us they take a piece of our heart, with Mike I believe that we all carry a bit of his heart with us, and that we are better for it.

I join the rest of our club in extending our thoughts and love to Carol and the rest of Mike's family as we remember Mike...personally, I choose to remember his smile.

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