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Rotary Club of Palm Springs Meeting of January 10, 2018



Prez Nadine Koehler opened the meeting with the assist of Barbara Lippert, Helene Kalfuss, and Chris Seidel with the 4Way Test, Invocation, and visitors in that order. 
Chris introduced Rotarians Regina Lyons, Murray McArthur, and Al Muir, all from Canada. We also welcomed Linda Levinson, and Ralph Piscitelli who are in the “pipeline” to join our Club, thanks to Sponsors, Nadine, Jacque, and Carole.  As Margie Taft says…we are ALL on the Membership Committee!

Frank passed around the signup sheet for our Apparel Booth at the Tour de Palm Springs on Feb 9th and 10th. He thanked all for volunteering…we have only a few spots to fill! 
The Club sent our good wishes to Jim McInerney for a speedy recovery…we look forward to your return. 
Foundation Chair, Helene Kalfuss announced the Foundation's  meeting following ours, and, also, distributed fliers introducing us to the great works of our local Foundation.

Incoming Prez Kathy Weyer introduced our speaker, Jennifer Richard from Voices for Children aka (CASAs). CASA volunteers work one-on-one with a child in foster care to ensure their needs are met.  Their mission:  CASA transforms the lives of abused children by providing them with volunteer Court Appointed special Advocates. 
There are 600K Foster kids in the US, 62K in California, and 5K in our Riverside County. 200 CASAdvocates serve 272 children in Riverside County. Jennifer explained the Volunteer process and commitments. Our own Kathy Weyer is an Advocate, and, they both shared touching stories of assisting these young people. For further information, go to

Fine Master, Tim Ellis acknowledged Jacque Wach’s luncheon with Al Gore. She coughed up $10 for not wearing her Rotary pin for the occasion! Tim was full of trivia questions and fined Brydon Ward, Milt, Kathy, Charlie, Frank, Arlene, Ryan, and Roger.



We had a happy bunch…Ryan Saunders, Sherry Calouri, Jacque Wachs(Husband Bryan sold his biz…guess she’s gonna have to cut back on her shopping!), Dick Hostrop, Helene Kalfuss, and visitor Al Muir.



Raffle mania…Bob Elsner won $26 but missed the $100 pot.


Don’t miss next week…we going to be enlightened by the Coachella Valley Museum.

Today’s Editor: Frank Peabody

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