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Foundation Officers:


Club Foundation President:  Helene Kalfuss

Treasurer:  Jim Dunn

Secretary:  Thomas Smith

Board Members



             Class of 2018:  Helene Kalfuss, Thomas Smith, Tim Ellis
             Class of 2019:  Margie Taft,  Jim Dunn, Peter Freymuth
             Class of 2020:  Nancy Palmer, Linda Holmes, Milt Levinson

 Ex-Officio (Voting):  The current club President (2017-2018) Nadine Koehler and immediate Past club President Jamey Canfield


Above elected for three year terms by Foundation Board, plus two ex-officio - current club president & immediate past president = nine voting, two ex-officio.





Financial Fund Manager: Morgan Stanley, Palm Desert, CA


The funds are generated by donations (e.g., Mazur, Norm Rose, Henry Shweid, and Don Aikens) and fundraisers (e.g., Tour de Palm Springs).


The funds are managed by an account manager at Morgan Stanley who is guided by investment principles established by the financial advisory committee and approved by the board for implementation. This policy yields a target figure for distribution based upon the calendar year with the preservation of the corpus as a high priority.  There is an  annual grant request with involvement from the club's Board of Directors and funds are usually distributed within 45 days.